My name is Maciej and I live in Poland. I love my country, but more my wonderful wife and four amazing children. I have always loved medieval themes, I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Witcher. As a scout, I had my first contact with leather products when, after making the handle for my first knife, I made a leather sheath. It was 7 years ago. This is how it started.

Less than a year ago I was making some leather things again at the request of my friends, and so I was getting into this craft more and more. I decided to learn more about it, I designed a lot and after long reflection and several dozen hours spent learning this craft, Ursa Goods appeared.

Ursa because of my love of nature, sea and adventure. In short, the brightest star - Alfa Ursae Minoris - located in the constellation Ursa Minor otherwise known as the Polar Star. For years, when I went to camps, in the evenings I stared at the stars and spent so much time listening to the wind. This is something my heart has always missed and will miss. There is not so much time among the trees that can satisfy me. I still don't have enough and I need more. So I didn't have to think for a long time. Ursa Goods - sounds epic. I am glad that you are with me on this adventure.

Maciej Modrzejewski

Ursa Goods