Leather products by me are 100% unique. This uniqueness is created not only by the fact that all projects are developed by me, but also the fact that the products are made of the highest quality full-grain leather, which is imported from renowned Polish and Italian tanneries. We can currently list several types of leather that are currently used by me.

veg tanned leather
Veg tanned leather - hand dyed

The standard line of products such as wallets, pocket organizers and others are made of this leather. It comes to me in a natural color - beige, and then the final color is obtained through the manual dyeing process. Such leather is harder than, for example, crazy horse leather - a type of vegetable tanned leather.

crazy horse leather
Crazy horse leather - dyed in a tannery

Larger organizers such as The Paw and The Wanderer are made of this leather due to its properties. It is softer than veg tanned leather. This leather is oil-tanned. It is reminiscent of vintage leather, quickly picking up scratches that can be eliminated by applying balm to leather.

maya leather
Maya leather - dyed in a tannery

Beautiful Italian vegetable tanned leather, finished with oils and a slightly sanded grain gives it a "vintage" effect. Maya is a fully vegetable tanned leather from Italy (Conceria Il Ponte). Fully colored, finished and then polished, which creates a beautiful texture and color variations.

green pull up leather
Green pull up leather - dyed in a tannery

Vegetable tanned leather, dyed in a drum. Finished with waxes and oils with a strong pull-up effect that causes lighter discoloration where the leather is pushed.

white wax leather
White wax leather - dyed in a tannery

White Wax is a finish that will wear out over time and will patinate nicely, revealing more and more of the beautiful color underneath. You can polish with a cloth to remove some of the finish to get the look you want to start with.